Environmental Policy

AB Glass (Doors & Windows) Ltd is an established aluminium window, door and curtain walling manufacturer for the commercial and domestic market, throughout the UK.

The company also specialize in structural glazing, blast enhanced and fire rated systems, secondary glazing, replacement UPVC windows and doors and glass and glazing. Working from a purpose-built production facility on Swansea West Business Park, Fforestfach, Swansea, the company have already recognized the need for a mature attitude to environmental issues.

AB Glass’ activities principally involve inert materials, mostly aluminium and glass. AB Glass do not undertake any activities that use or generate any significant quantities of pollutants or noise, although we recognize that some activities have the potential to cause harm to the environment. It is our objective to review all procedures and processes to identify activities which create risk and to take all appropriate steps to eliminate, minimize or control the risk of environmental harm.

This policy supports AB Glass’ sustainability policy and describes our responsibility towards the environment. It is our intent to effectively manage and improve our environmental performance and minimize the impact of our business on the environment. We are committed to doing this through the following:

  • AB Glass will at all times carry out our business in a manner that will promote the least possible environmental impact whilst accepting the governance of: Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) under the EPA.
  • Wherever possible we will reclaim and recycle (where appropriate) products and materials, conserve energy, avoid the pollution of air, land or water.
  • We will promote these policies to our staff, suppliers and customers.
  • We achieve continual environmental improvement by implementing business – specific environmental management systems.
  • We develop objectives supported by detailed targets, to manage all potentially significant environmental aspects.
  • We demonstrate efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials, as well as taking appropriate opportunities to minimise waste and recycle wherever possible.
  • We fully comply with all relevant environmental legislation, other environmental regulations and standards of relevance to the industry sectors in which we operate.
  • We minimize pollution caused by vehicle exhausts and equipment.
  • We publish information and environmental performance, gaining third party endorsements of published performance and measure this performance against established benchmarks.
  • We meet or exceed all applicable government requirements and voluntary requirements to which AB Glass subscribes. We set and adhere to stringent requirements of our own no matter where in the country the company operates.
  • AB Glass is committed to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution.
  • AB Glass is committed to fulfilment of all identified legal and other environmental compliance obligations.