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Completion of Colston Hall

AB Glass would like to extend its appreciation to all involved in the construction and completion of the prestigious Colston Hall foyer as part of the Bristol cultural quarter development.

We hope that this venue continues to provide its visitors with high class entertainment from all aspects of the artistic world. Further information about this project can be found on our projects page by simply following this link


ECO-ACTIVE LEADER accreditation (Jersey, Channel Islands)

Sustainability and environmental awareness are words that we have all heard over the past few years, but behind the growing concern of global warming, what are companies really doing to combat climate change and promote positive environmental change? AB Glass (Doors & Windows) Ltd are a benchmark of how businesses can make major strides in the reduction of waste and emissions with the introduction of EMS (Environmental Management Systems), staff awareness, training and resource efficiency.

After the success experienced by AB Glass in multiple environmental management business awards during the 2008-2009 period, continual improvements have been made within the company, sourcing further solutions to its environmental impacts, also as part of the EMS employed by AB Glass we pursued ECO-ACTIVE LEADER accreditation. This accreditation places AB Glass amongst an elite few companies dedicated to environmentally aware business practises. The ECO-ACTIVE LEADER accreditation is hailed throughout Jersey and the Channel Islands business community as the pinnacle of environmental achievement.

As part of ECO-ACTIVE LEADER accreditation we are pleased to offer our support to any Jersey or Channel Island based companies who wish to develop environmental best practise. We at AB Glass are fully committed to the environment and will continue to develop our environmental processes for the future.