Automatic doors or manual doors? There are many myths that surround the use of automatic doors. So, before you order … Continued

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Automatic door myths debunked…

Automatic doors or manual doors? There are many myths that surround the use of automatic doors. So, before you order your new doors for your building, read how easily many of these myths can be debunked. You can then make an informed decision.

Myth: Automatic doors make it harder to heat up or cool down the building.

Fact: Having automatic doors means that the doors open and close themselves rather than people manually doing it. People won’t be holding the door open for a long period of time and the door will automatically close completely. In contrast, manual doors may be left open a little causing heat or cool air to escape. Automatic doors could even help to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Myth: Automatic doors cost a lot of money to operate.

Fact: You won’t see any significant increase in costs. Automatic doors only use a small motor and are very energy efficient. In fact, automatic doors can save energy in buildings meaning lower costs for you. They are also easy to use and maintain.

Myth: Automatic doors don’t last as long as manual doors and are prone to malfunctions.

Fact: If the doors are kept maintained, they should last just as long as manual doors – if not longer. Because automatic the doors are not being handled, pushed, pulled and swung by individuals many times a day, they can be less likely to break.

Myth: Automatic doors are expensive to purchase.

Fact: While they are more expensive than manual doors in terms of upfront costs, automatic doors should be seen as an investment. They have many more benefits than manual doors: they can save energy, last longer and break less – plus they give an instant favourable impression of your business.

Finally, beyond the myths there are also a number of benefits you may not have considered:


An automatic door ensures everyone is able to easily and safely enter and exit a building no matter their ability as they don’t have to open a heavy door. If the automatic doors are used in a retail setting, customers are also able to leave the store easily carry large bags. This shows good customer service too.


Automatic doors mean that people don’t need to touch them in order to open or close them. This means the doors will stay quite clean and germ-free due to a lack of human contact.

They help with social distancing

Where a business or building can get busy, automatic doors can easily be turned on or off to help control the number of people entering a shop or other premises. Equally, they allow more space inside in comparison to manual doors leaving you more room for other things.