Thanks to their perfect blend of style and performance, aluminium windows and doors are fast-becoming one of the most popular … Continued

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The advantages of aluminium windows and doors

Thanks to their perfect blend of style and performance, aluminium windows and doors are fast-becoming one of the most popular products installed in both homes and commercial projects across the UK.

But what are the benefits of aluminium windows and doors? And how does aluminium compare to other products such as uPVC, timber, and steel?

Although different products will suit different people or projects, and there is no right answer in what is the ‘best’ material, this post will be looking at the benefits of aluminium.

So, here are 5 advantages we think aluminium windows and doors have over other products.

Durability and strength

Aluminium windows and doors are extremely durable and strong, which comes with plenty of benefits.

As a material, aluminium is non-rusting and is highly resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect choice for holding up against the elements – be it the corrosive British rain or the violent winds of the coast.

Although modern steel window and door products will come with rust protection, with aluminium there is no risk at all, and due to its strong structure, aluminium is recommended over traditional timber products in high-wind areas. 

In addition, the strength of aluminium windows and doors allows for longer product life and better security for your home or commercial build.


For many people, aluminium simply looks good.

Home and business owners alike will have their preferences on what products look better.

Some may prefer the uPVC style, and some may prefer the natural look of timber – but many agree that for an aesthetic that is stylish, sleek and modern, aluminium windows and doors represent a very good choice.

Thanks again to its strength, aluminium requires less frame to support the weight of the glass, thus allowing for larger surfaces of glass. In modern builds, this is particularly advantageous and stylish, especially when compared to uPVC which requires a larger frame.

Aluminium windows and doors are adaptable. The material’s malleability allows for flexible design – it can be easily shaped to fit a multitude of design possibilities and can be given different finishes to suit the needs of the project.


If installed and manufactured by experts, aluminium windows and doors require very little maintenance. As mentioned, these products are incredibly resistant to corrosion and the weather and are easy to keep clean – the sleek framework only requires a clean wipe now and again.

When compared to timber, for example, aluminium requires far less maintenance.


Both timber and steel products are more costly than aluminium, with steel being considerably more expensive than aluminium.

To reiterate, different products may suit different projects, but aluminium is a cost-effective material that doesn’t require sacrifices in terms of strength, durability, and style.

When compared to uPVC, aluminium is more expensive. However, aluminium could be considered to be cheaper in the long-run due to the long product life of the material, and the low maintenance the doors and windows will require.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is a sustainable material that is 100% recyclable, meaning aluminium is far more eco-friendly than uPVC, and helps reduce timber loss.

Aluminium windows and doors are also advantageous, in that they are able to keep heat within your homes, businesses, and builds, lowering the need for heating use.

Once more, this is a preference that depends on the business or homeowner, but a benefit of aluminium is the ability to keep a small carbon footprint.

Overall, there are numerous advantages aluminium windows and doors have when compared to other products such as uPVC, timber and steel. Aluminium windows and doors, when manufactured and installed correctly, can fit plenty of design possibilities whilst maintaining optimum style and performance.

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