We are proud to once again be supporting Fire Door Safety Week (20-26 September), a national campaign that emphasises the … Continued

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Fire Door Safety Week

Supporting Fire Door Safety Week

We are proud to once again be supporting Fire Door Safety Week (20-26 September), a national campaign that emphasises the importance of fire doors in building safety and protecting lives.

The campaign, managed by the British Woodworking Federation, aims to raise awareness and provide information regarding fire doors and their role in protecting the public.

The objectives outlined on the dedicated website firedoorsafetyweek.co.uk include:

  • To raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors, drawing attention to specific issues such as poor installation and maintenance.
  • To encourage building owners and users to check the operation and condition of their fire doors and to report those that aren’t satisfactory.
  • To link together the initiatives of many organisations with common interests in the fire door and passive fire protection industries.
  • To engage and educate people, helping the whole building industry and every property owner to understand the correct specification, supply, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance.

Over the past few years, the campaign has annually focused on one industry issue as a primary theme, for example, in 2016 the focus was on knowledge of residents in a block of flats and shared accommodation who may find it difficult to be evacuated.

In 2018, the underlying theme was ‘Fire Door Five: Shutting the door on the fire and smoke’, aiming to educate about how fire doors can delay the spread of smoke and fire. Also on the website is the Fire Door Safety Week Toolkit, which is a collection of resources to help test fire doors for faults and poor installation termed the 5-Step Fire Door Check. To browse the tool kit, click here: https://www.firedoorsafetyweek.co.uk/toolkit/.

Alan Brayley, our managing director, said:

“Here at AB Glass, we are extremely conscious about public safety, and believe that keeping people safe should be one of the primary concerns for both individuals and businesses at all times.   This is why we fully support this important campaign. Fire doors that are installed and maintained correctly save lives; so, raising awareness of this issue, via this campaign, is vitally important.”