Now in its fourth year, Aluminium Day is an industry recognised event that promotes all things aluminium. The event has … Continued

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Celebrating the return of Aluminium Day

Now in its fourth year, Aluminium Day is an industry recognised event that promotes all things aluminium. The event has gained industry wide and worldwide recognition, raising awareness of the versatility and benefits of the material.  

Aluminium Day falls on Sunday, March 13, and the date was chosen because the atomic number of aluminium is 13. This year the theme is ‘aluminium in the movies’, and will publicise fun facts such as how James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 featured an all-aluminium six-cylinder engine.  

Over time, aluminium gained its popularity following the emergence of the electrolysis process, which allowed for a higher volume of aluminium to be manufactured, lowering its cost by around 80%.  

There are many benefits to aluminium products which is why it has become the go-to material for contractors and architects. Today, aluminium is used in structural elements of buildings in addition to singular components like windows, doors and roofing.  

Sustainability is one of the main draws of aluminium in today’s industry. With more and more emphasis on providing “green” projects. Aluminium is the frontrunner, providing an almost 100% recyclable product that is highly energy efficient. The material is also incredibly versatile, which is why it’s perfectly suited to windows and doors, as its malleable properties allow for extravagant design options.  

These are just some of the benefits. You can find our detailed analysis of the material here, or read more on why aluminium became the essential material for architects

Our aluminium products are manufactured onsite and the material is supplied by Kawneer. The range includes products such as Kawneer’s AA®100FR and AA®720FR fire-rated curtain walling and the AA®190TB external entrance doors, both of which were used as part of the UK’s first PassivHaus leisure centre at Sidwell’s Point, Exeter. You can read all about this project here.  

Content will be shared across social media using the #AluminiumDay, and you can join in the conversation across the industry using the dedicated hashtag. More info on Aluminium Day can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting