A study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) projects that aluminium usage will grow within the residential building and … Continued

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Exploring the increased usage of aluminium in construction 

A study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) projects that aluminium usage will grow within the residential building and construction industry by 34% – 51% in the next two years. This usage eclipses the record shipment levels that were seen in the early-to-mid 2000’s. 

Aluminium as a building material has gained popularity within modern building design. Annually in the UK, 40% of aluminium is used by the construction industry. The material is becoming a standard choice for property developers within the sector, offering aesthetic qualities, as well as environmental benefits. 

However, aluminium has not always been so embraced. At one time it was considered too expensive. The turning point was advancements in manufacturing, namely the introduction of the electrolysis process, that led to a huge increase in production speed and volume. It’s estimated that the cost of aluminium was reduced by 80% as a result. Find out more about the emergence of aluminium in construction here.   

As a company who specialise in aluminium glazing products, we understand the value of this material in construction and its advantages over competing materials.  

Each project comes with its own unique challenge both technically and structurally, and certain systems are chosen to accommodate the climate needs of the location as well as the technical aspects. Here we explore just some of the reasons why aluminium is in high demand:  

Slimmer profiles 

The slimmer profiles that aluminium products allow result in maximised views. In the case of hospitality buildings specifically, maximising views can be a lucrative aspect of the industry.  


The flexible and malleable properties of the material mean that complex designs and taller structures are now easily achievable. This can mean additional rooms or floors in hotels, offices and apartment buildings. 


Utilising the improvements made in the recycling and manufacturing process, aluminium is now cheaper to produce and almost 100% recyclable without losing any quality. This, in combination with energy efficient glazing means that it is more viable for architects and building developers to consider aluminium products on a larger scale.  

Energy efficiency is a huge focus for modern businesses and building contractors and the increase in demand is proof of a shift to lowering carbon footprints and concentrating on creating “green” buildings.  

Further benefits of aluminium have been outlined in a previous blog of ours, which you can access here. Or, take a look at how we have implemented aluminium products in many fantastic projects here.  

We have been a part of projects that embrace the material for its sustainable and energy efficient properties and would be happy to share our expertise with those who need it. 

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