At the AB Group of Companies, we do not regard the terms ‘Environmental’ and ‘Sustainable’ as mere buzz words. They … Continued

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At the AB Group of Companies, we do not regard the terms ‘Environmental’ and ‘Sustainable’ as mere buzz words. They are cornerstones of the corporate responsibility policy of our business.

The AB Group of Companies lead the way in environmental and sustainable best practice. We have received a number of awards for our environmental, sustainable and community work and have achieved the Green Dragon Level 5 accreditation which is held by only a small number of other Welsh organisations, such as the Welsh Government and the City and County of Swansea. The Green Dragon Level 5 accreditation requires significant innovation, commitment and desire to lead environmental and sustainable change for now and the future.

We strive to be leaders in environmental and sustainability best practice and at our premises we have automated lighting, full recycling and waste management facilities, solar panels and numerous innovations in between.

Over the past few years our commitment to environmental and sustainable best practice has been recognised by numerous environmental bodies.

  • Occupational Health Safety Policy.
  • Quality Policy.
  • Environmental Statement.
  • Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability Policy

At AB Glass, we pride ourselves on our continuous efforts in the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials in all departments of the company.

We exclusively use paper from a sustainable source at a thickness of 80gsm or less in a further effort to reduce our consumption of energy and target one of our main areas of waste. Further to this, wherever possible, we also use double sided printing and reuse scrap paper for internal memos. The primary office printer/photocopier is from Xerox’s energy star range which is superior in energy efficient office equipment. They currently run an empty cartridge return scheme from which 90% is reused.

We are continuously seeking out the most effective, ecologically friendly suppliers to meet our range of demands, from waste disposal to companies in our supply chain. Our main supplier of aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling is Kawneer, the market leaders in the use of recycled materials. 100% of their billet is reused through various media and is not impaired by the process which allows them to maintain the supply of superior quality products with only 5% of the initial energy being needed to recycle waste materials. We have also taken on projects complying with BREAAM scheme whereby we make sure that 80% of our supplier material is recyclable.

We have also decided to take a huge leap forward in sourcing sustainable energy; we have invested in a solar panel array which has been installed on the roof of the A B Glass premises. By doing this we can potentially power our whole building and sell the surplus energy we generate back to the National Grid. A SMART meter has also been installed to allow the real-time monitoring of the electricity usage within the factory and offices. Having such facilities will allow the company to make reductions in its electricity usage. At AB Glass, we also pride ourselves on our in-house recycling rate. In 2016, 95.99% of our waste was recycled. We strive to continue to achieve this in-house recycling rate.

AB Glass will continue our search for more sustainable materials, and strive towards a more eco-efficient office environment with goals set and reviewed on an increasingly frequent pattern.

Quality Policy

High quality, value for money products and services in accordance with meeting customer requirements is the policy of the organisation; whereby the goals and direction of the organisation revolves around meeting the requirements and expectations of customers and other interested parties. The achievement of this policy calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in all activities associated with the requirements of our customers and interested parties.

The organisations main quality objective is to ensure all Aluminium and PVC windows, doors, curtain walling and bi-folds manufactured meet the requirements agreed. Alongside working closely with our suppliers to meet the various demands required.

Continuously improving the organisation’s quality management systems, without jeopardising its integrity, we meet the requirement of ISO 9001:2015.

In addition to this, quality objectives established will be based on local, national and international issues. These are reviewed as appropriate and in the yearly Management review meetings.

The organisation complies to all National Building Regulations and British Standards as and when required.

It is the responsibility of each employee to adhere to the organisations policies and operating procedures at all times. The organisation encourages its employees to suggest methods of improving the way in which the organisation operates. The Managing Director and fellow directors undertake investigations of all suggestions and communicate any changes, where appropriate, to all employees and interested parties.

It is the Managing Directors belief, that in applying this policy, it will enable the organisation to meet the requirements of our customers and other interested parties

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Environmental procedures fall within the scope of the AB Glass’ Quality System.

Responsibility for the overall implementation, maintenance and development of our safety management system rests with the senior management of AB Glass, including the regular setting and reviewing of objectives, and the provision of adequate resource to allow those objectives to be achieved.

It is also the responsibility of the senior management to ensure that our health and safety policy is relevant to all applicable legislation and any other requirements that AB Group may subscribe to.

The management at AB Glass recognise the importance of the well-being of our employees and encourage the reporting of any hazard or risk that may adversely affect our health and safety standards. We also recognise the importance of ensuring that staff are adequately trained, informed and supervised to fulfil their activities in a safe manner.

At AB Glass, we are committed to a management system that demonstrates a pro-active approach through the continual improvement of our health and safety performance. This is further achieved by the regular setting and reviewing of objectives to achieve compliance to current safety legislation applicable to AB Glass, and through matching our industry’s best practices.

We also recognise the need for identification of hazards and the recording and reviewing of risk assessments, to further achieve a pro-active safety management system.

The effectiveness of our health and safety policy and its implementation are subject to regular management review and all related processes and procedures are subject to an on-going audit schedule.

Environmental Policy

AB Glass (Doors and Windows) Ltd. is an established aluminium window, door and curtain walling manufacturer for the commercial and domestic market, throughout the UK and Channel Islands. 

The company also specialises in structural glazing, blast enhanced and fire rated systems, secondary glazing, replacement UPVC windows and doors and glass and glazing.  Working from a purpose-built production facility on The Swansea West Business Park, Swansea, the company has already recognised the need for a mature attitude to environmental issues and has achieved numerous awards.

AB Glass activities principally involve inert materials being mostly aluminium and glass and does not undertake any activities that use or generate any significant quantities of pollutants or noise, although we recognise that some activities have the potential to cause harm to the environment.  It is our objectives to review all procedures and processed to identify activities which create risk and to take all appropriate steps to eliminate, prevent or control the risk of environmental harm.

This policy supports AB Glass’ sustainability policy, which is committed to the protection of the environment, and describes our responsibility towards the environment.  It is out intent to effectively manage and improve our environmental performance and minimise the impact of our business on the environment.  We are committed to do this through the following:

  • AB Glass will at all times carry out our business in a manner that will promote the least possible environmental impact whilst accepting the governance of: Best Available Technique Not Entailing EXCESSIVE Cost (BATNEEC) under the EPA, including:
    • Wherever possible to reclaim and recycle (where appropriate) products and materials, conservation of energy, avoid pollution of air, land or water promote of these policies to our staff, suppliers and customers.
  • Continual environmental improvement by implementing business-specific environmental management systems.
  • The development of objectives supported by detailed targets, to manage all potentially significant environmental aspects.
  • To demonstrate efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials, as well as taking appropriate opportunities to minimise waste and recycle wherever possible.
  • Full compliance with Compliance Obligations of relevance to the industry sectors in which we operate.
  • To minimise pollution caused by vehicle exhausts emissions and equipment.
  • To publish information on environmental performance, gaining third party endorsements of published performance and benchmarking this performance against others.
  • To meet or exceed all applicable government requirements and voluntary requirements to which AB Glass subscribes.

Environmental procedures fall within the scope of the company’s quality system.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”) and sets out AB Glass Ltd’s actions to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to our business and to put in place steps that are aimed at ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our business or our supply chains.

As leading manufacturers of aluminium and glass products in South Wales, AB Glass Ltd recognise that we have a responsibility to take a robust approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and are committed to preventing such activity in our corporate activities including in our supply chains.

Our business
AB Glass is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of aluminium and glass windows/doors set up in Swansea in 1992 , employing 60 staff in modern 60,000 sq ft purpose-built premises, serving private and public sector customers across the United Kingdom,

Our approach

As one of South Wales’s well-established manufacturers, we always work to the highest professional standards and comply with all laws, regulations and rules relevant to our business. Our corporate aim is to ensure we make positive social, environmental and economic contributions across our business.

Our supply chain relationships
AB Glass, our supply chain consists of over 50 suppliers. Many of our suppliers are pan- European and global organisations with whom we adopt a collaborative and open styled relationship. At present, we are not aware that any of our current supply chains are sourcing from high risk geographies.

We do not believe we have any activities within our organisation whichare considered to be at high risk of slavery or human trafficking. In light of the additional clause, referenced “Transparency in Supply Chain”, which was added retrospectively to the Act in October 2015, we have a Supply Chain Mapping Policy. Our primary aim is to ensure a clear methodology for the management of risks in our supply chain and to minimise any adversity.

Our policies on slavery and human trafficking
AB Glass are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. Our Anti-Slavery Policy reflects our commitment to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains or in any part of our business.

From a recruitment perspective, the majority of our hiring is direct although we supplement this with recruitment agency support where necessary. We operate a parallel process for the engagement of all self-employed workers. Through robust screening and new starter administration processes, we evidence employees’ identity, career history and ensure their Right to Work.

AB Glass will ensure that our Anti-Slavery Policy is effectively implemented and complied with, so as to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or our supply chains.

As part of this approach we will adopt a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and we will communicate this to all our suppliers, contractors and business partners.

We will also cease to engage with individuals and organisations working on our behalf if they do not comply with our approach and will act immediately in accordance with our legal and moral obligations.

Our procurement process will include a procedure in which we will vet each new supplier and carry out a risk analysis based on the nature and value of the product or service.

All our suppliers are expected to comply with all local and national laws and regulations and we will therefore seek information about:

  • Monitoring of tier 1 and 2 supply chains for unfair practices.
  • Monitoring of tier 1 and 2 supply chains for unfair practices.
  • Policies on fair sourcing of goods and services.
  • Employment practices such as advertising vacancies, work/life balance.
  • Training for staff.
  • Diversity data.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and we will communicate this to all our suppliers, contractors and business partners at the outset of any of our business relationships . We will also cease to engage with individuals and organisations working on our behalf if they do not comply with the Act.

We take the following further steps to combat modern slavery and human trafficking and to ensure that our obligations under the Act are passed through our supply chains.

We will obtain contractual warranties that no slavery is used anywhere in our suppliers’ business or by any of the suppliers in their supply chain and that all necessary processes and policies have been put into place to ensure that this remains the case.

We will add indemnity provisions and rights to terminate for breach of our Anti-Slavery Policy into our contracts and ensure risk areas are documented, monitored and taken into consideration in any future contract renewals.


AB Glass is proud to support charitable causes and many of the staff participate in challenges for charities such as the Cardiff Half Marathon, a 50 mile bike ride for multiple sclerosis and charity golf days.

Our Managing Director, Alan Brayley is particularly passionate about our military personnel and is chairman of the Army Benevolent Fund, a charity which is committed to supporting both retired and active service men and women.